Adventures in Painting (Day 3)

Two times art today. Tried to make a landscape. Didn’t work. What did work was that I figured out how to scan the pictures with my printer (Canon MX920) onto a flash drive and transfer the files onto my computer. These files are rather large, so I also learned how to reduce the file size with GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). This is essentially an open-source and free knock off version of Adobe Photoshop. After installing this program, I was able to reduce the file sizes with the following procedure:

1. Open up the image file in GIMP
2. Select ‘Image>Scale Image’ and change the Width and Height to the desired dimensions. I used 5.333 in x 4.000 in., then click ‘Scale’
3. Select ‘File>Export As’, select the new file name and location, then click ‘Export’.
4. In the next window, set the ‘Quality’ slider between 20-30, then click ‘Export’.

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