Adventures in Painting (Day 2)

Happy Friday! I was inspired after dinner tonight and was able to art three times! I know everyone is their own worst critic, so I’ll just say the following specimens are of three different levels of quality.

Things I learned from painting today:
1. Adding water to the paint helps out a whole lot. This makes the paint mix easier, and helps the paint spread out on the canvas much, much better.
2. It is possible to paint over mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Failure is in your mind.
3. Disposable paper palettes seem like a much better idea now that I know how annoying it is to clean my little plastic palette. Alternatively, I think a flat palette with no wells or ridges would also be much easier to clean.
4. Disposable shop towels might be a better alternative to the kitchen paper towels. I’ll look in to that sometime.

Show and Tell:

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