Stepping up a notch

Lets get serious here. I’ve been schlooping, scarping, and scumbling (one of those is actually a real thing) paint on canvas for over a month now. Some of the results aren’t terrible, but “not terrible” is a terrible standard for anyone who isn’t a college student learning how to cook a meal. If this project is going to continue, then I’ll need to figure out a way to evaluate my work according to some sort of standard.

Therefore, allow me to introduce One Grain Of Art Rubric. This is, by decree, a living document to assess any piece of art according to generally accepted principles of composition and design. As I gather sources and learn more about these principles, I will be updating the rubric accordingly. Feel free to use this rubric for your own work, and let me know if I missed anything.

Landscape number two (See it being painted):

ElementCriteriaScore (out of 5)
UnityAll parts of the work belong, nothing feels tacked on or out of place 3
BalanceThe work has a symmetrical arrangement that adds a sense of calm, or an asymmetrical arrangement that creates a more dynamic feeling 3
MovementThe work has a sense of movement
(ie. figure positioning, flowing water, leading lines)
RhythmWork has a rhythm or underlying beat that leads your eye to view the artwork at a certain place2
FocusThe viewer’s eye is drawn to a specific focal point of  the work 1
ContrastThe work is enhanced by the presence or absence of contrast 2
PatternThe work is enhanced by the presence or absence of regularly repeating lines, shapes, colors, or values 2
ProportionThe work is enhanced by the presence or absence of proportion 2

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