Toolset revisited

I ran out of canvases. How is this possible? Just the other day I bought ten canvases! Apparently that was three weeks ago, and this is why we write things down.

Since nobody asked, I’ll list all the things I picked up during my trip to the art store.
-Ten more canvases. Just like last time, I got two five-packs of canvases. Except now I can’t find the pack of smaller canvases. Awesome. Make that five more canvases, 8″x10″.
-Another set of 10 sheets of canvas paper from Strathmore (9″x12″).
-A few more brushes because who doesn’t need more brushes? Actually, now that I think about it, I have only been using two or three of the brushes in my cup here. I use the 3/4″ wash (or the oval round) when there is lots of paint to move around, and the 1/2″ angular shader for just about everything else. Maybe the #2 round brush if there is something small that needs to happen, but mostly just those two.
1. A 3 brush set of Creative Mark “scrubber” brushes (sizes 12, 6, & 2). I vaguely remember seeing a youtube video where some non-hack talent hoarder used one to easily coax whispily delicate clouds to appear like magic. My results have been…slightly less effective.
2. A Creative Mark Beste brand 1/2″ Deerfoot brush. This brush swore to me that it was the perfect shape to make those cumulonimbus storm clouds. This brush is a liar.
3. A Creative Mark Beste brand Number 6 Filbert brush. I’m pretty sure that the word Filbert was made up by the Big Art Conglomerate to trick new artists into buying more brushes. Go ahead internet, prove me wrong.
-A 2 oz. tube of Liquitex Heavy Body Cadmium Free Red Medium. I was going to get some regular old Cadmium Red Medium, since that’s all anyone ever talks about, however the salesman at the art store mentioned that cadmium is a wee bit toxic to aquatic life, and cadmium paint needs to be soaked up in paper towels for trash disposal, not washed down the sink like my non-toxic acrylic paint. Other than that, I like this tube of paint because I have more control over how much paint comes out. I can put a small dab of paint on my palette, which isn’t possible with my student grade tubes.

In other news, I have achieved a Painting Career Milestone! Here is my first painting from a reference photograph. Enjoy!

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