Competence Hierarchy

I have two paintings to share today, which is exciting because they are my first paintings on actual canvas! Up until now I have been using canvas paper, which as best I can tell is a decent low-cost support for beginners. I also learned the term ‘support’, which is a highfalutin way of saying ‘whatever it is you’re painting on’. To be fair, this term is how we painters (see what i did there?) distinguish between what you are painting on (the support) from what you are painting with (the medium). I also learned the term highfalutin, which is your mid 19th century slang term of the day.

“Too often, however, an artist’s impatience, lack of money, and incomplete understanding of the role of a properly prepared painting surface results in a painting that eventually requires major conservation or simply self-destructs.”

Given my impatience, lack of money, and complete ignorance of properly prepared painting surfaces, there is apparently a good deal I’ll need to learn before producing work that won’t fall apart when the storms come. I think this lesson is a good one though, since learning what you don’t know is the first step towards competence. Here is a website I found (quoted above) with a good deal of useful information about materials. This site is actually part of an old textbook written by Steven Saitzyk.

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