(cue Underdog Theme Song) Never fear, Underpainting is here!

What is “underpainting” you ask? Our good friend wikipedia says that an underpainting is essentially a painting that goes under a painting to help organize its form and provide layers. Sort of like underpants. Underpants Painting. Nice. I suppose this makes sense, most of us would seldom venture forth without underpants of one sort or another. Why wouldn’t we do the same for our artwork?

On the other hand, isn’t it strange to craft a whole painting, only to cover that painting with a better painting? Whats the point? Just do the better painting. What is this, English class?

Actually yes, now that you mention it. This is exactly like writing a rough draft in English class. Make an outline and develop the structure before adding the supporting details and beautiful flourishes. Give your painting some bones! Understand that beautiful work does not spring forth fully formed like Venus on her shell. Even with five minutes on the clock Picaso wouldn’t skip this step, so why would you?

Therefore, let us hereby state our intention to incorporate underpainting into our technique. To add structure and depth to our work. To provide a space for our ideas to develop on purpose. To elevate our skills beyond the realm of providence and chaos. To become, in a word, Artists.

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  1. I don’t if my other comments made it – I may have forgotten to press post. Always be sure to have clean underpants ‘cause you never know. 🙂

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